Just click on the Windows icon and type in the command prompt. Right-click on the Command prompt option and then, click on the “Run as administrator” option. You will receive a prompt on the screen asking if you want the command prompt app to make changes to your device.

This is expected behavior, and it means that those sectors, and any data potentially stored on them, have failed. Error checking will attempt to recover data from bad sectors, but some data may be corrupted and will need to be recovered from a back-up. 1.9 If Windows detected one or more errors that require a restart, you’ll be prompted to restart.

  • No matter what reasons for the error, you can try the following methods to troubleshoot it.
  • You can also try another USB port on your computer, maybe the one you’re using isn’t working properly.
  • Checking for errors on the hard drive is a good idea.

For example, if you update the GPU driver and get the error, start with it. Open the Start menu, type windows security, and select the top result. Your PC will restart and boot into the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool and check for issues. Microsoft builds Windows event logs in extensible markup language format with an EVTX extension.

Chkdsk Doesnt Repair Disk Errors

So, you’d better make a backup of your data before using command line, or HTTP 204 error you can find a safe alternative to Check Disk commands. Sometimes, you need to run chkdsk.exe to solve your problems. For example, if you face problems ranging from blue screens to inability to open files or folders, you can run the Check Disk tool to check for and fix errors on disks. Avast Cleanup is designed by computer optimization experts to scan and clear clutter from your disk automatically.

Step 5: Refresh Your Pc

After disabling this service, reboot your computer and see if you receive the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION stop code again. If not, your issue has been fixed — make sure to use the manual updater for any Google applications installed on the device. System File Checker is a built-in tool to help to troubleshoot in Windows 10.

You can also look up specific event IDs online, which can help locate information specific to the error you’re encountering. Just double-click the error in Event Viewer to open its property window and look for the “Event ID” entry.